The new adaptation of the Balayage technique, Foilyage, this technique gives the so desired ultimate natural-looking sun-kissed glow perfect for introducing that spring/summer vibe. The subtlety of this look brings beauty creating definition and dimensions in the hair throughout the front section, in particular the lengths and ends. The glossy perfection that comes with this technique avoids the need for a radical transformation involving heavy commitment. A palette of copper and golden shades are perfect for this technique to brighten up and warm any hair colour.

The increased popularity of the Foilyage trend across the runways, celebrity looks and the high street is contributed to by its low maintenance nature, like Balayage, this professional salon-only technique gives the chic look and feel good factor reducing the need to go to the salon every few weeks. What more could you want?

“Foilyage is a technique that we as hairdressers are already using but now we need to make it come alive in salon as our customers are asking for it. I love this seamless technique; it is beautiful for complimenting the clients features whilst gaining a beautiful natural-looking result” Amy Wylde – Senior Stylist, The Salon St Albans

Whether you are a highlights fan or you are experiencing the world of hair colour for the first time then Foilyage is ideal. Although a palette of copper and golden shades are perfect for this technique, this sun-kissed, natural-looking result can be achieved on blonde and brunette clients alike.

Foilyage, like Balayage, sees the hairdresser use an artistic freehand painting technique. The secret of the technique comes when some of these freehand pieces are then wrapped in foils to create a more defined lightness. An upgrade of Balayage, this technique allows the lighter tones to melt seamlessly into a Balayage background allowing the placement of colour to illuminate in key areas. A glamorous light-catching result.